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IPW Industries Inc (3mm60CTC) 4 lbs Bulk Activated Carbon Charcoal Pellets for Aquarium Fish Tank Koi Reef Filter

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Activated carbon (AC) is a natural material derived from coconut shell and is activated by steam and other means. Carbon is very popular due to its ability to correct many water quality problems.

Coconut Shell carbon is highly desired for its superior level of hardness; high activity level; trihalomethane removal; and longer life expectancy.


  • 3mm size
  • 60 CTC

    Being well-known for their efficiency in preserving water quality, IPW Industries Inc. 3MM60CTC Activated Carbon Pellets are crucial parts of aquarium filtration systems. Premium-grade activated carbon pellets manufactured especially for aquarium filtration systems are the 3MM60CTC pellets from IPW Industries Inc. Fish, plants, and other residents will benefit from a healthy aquatic environment, which is why they are designed to effectively eliminate odors, pollutants, and impurities from aquarium water. 
    Filtration in aquariums is greatly aided by activated carbon pellets, which remove dissolved contaminants, poisons, and organic compounds from the water. Aquatic life can flourish in a clean, inviting environment that they help to create by clearing the water and getting rid of smells. 
    The process via which molecules stick to the porous surface of the carbon particles—known as adsorption—is how activated carbon pellets function. The filtration system produces cleaned water when the water flows through the pellets, trapping pollutants and toxins inside the porous structure. 
    Aquarium water can be successfully cleansed of a variety of contaminants, such as organic compounds, ammonia, chlorine, and heavy metals, by using IPW Industries Inc. 3MM60CTC Activated Carbon Pellets, which have a high specific gravity. 
    Particle size homogeneity of the activated carbon pellets guarantees optimal interaction with water molecules and consistent filtration performance. In order to reduce dust and residue and preserve aquarium water purity, IPW Industries Inc. 3MM60CTC Activated Carbon Pellets undergo a rigorous processing procedure. 
    In many aquarium configurations, including freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks, activated carbon pellets are frequently utilized. Aquarium enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur, can use them to keep their water pure and improve the health of their aquatic pets. 
    Retailers who specialize in aquarium filtration products, internet merchants, and legitimate dealers are the places to get IPW Industries Inc. 3MM60CTC Activated Carbon Pellets. To ensure the product's authenticity and quality, make sure you purchase from reliable sources. 
    Depending on the amount, brand, and seller, the price of IPW Industries Inc. 3MM60CTC Activated Carbon Pellets may change. Long-term cost-effective filtration solutions can be achieved by using premium-grade pellets, even though their initial investment may seem greater due to their longer lifespan and superior adsorption capability.