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Hydrotech Thin Film Composite Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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The Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis Membrane is a genuine Hydrotech  TFC reverse osmosis membrane. It is compatible with a wide variety of Hydrotech RO systems, including the 1240 Series, E, M & Pro Systems, and HT123 Series Systems.

The Hydrotech membrane is the most important component of the Hydrotech reverse osmosis system. By using your tap water's pressure to force water molecules through the semi permeable thin film composite membrane the undesirable contaminants are washed away.

  • TFC (Thin Film Composite)
  • Flow Rate: 75 gallons per day
  • Fits models HT123 & 1240 Series
  • Packaged dry to extend shelf life indefinitely
  • NOTE: Do not freeze (store between 35 - 50 F)

Note: A carbon prefilter must be used when used with chlorinated water

Hydrotech Membrane is compatible with the following Hydrotech RO systems:

  • HT123
  • F-HT-75
  • F-HTF-75
  • 1240 Series