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Hydronamic (ASV-100-JG) Auto Shut Off Valve w- 1-4" Quick Connect Fittings White

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The ASV100 is a compact valve with four 1/4? quick connect ports. The valve is designed for a reverse osmosis system with a capacity of up to 50gpd product water (50gpd membrane). The valve shuts off when the tank pressure reaches 60 percent of the line or feed water pressure. 
  • Material: FDA-approved ABS
  • Dimensions: 2½" L x 1¾" W x 1½" D
  • Shuts off at: 60% of line pressure
  • Four 1/4? QC fitting ports
  • Molded-in mounting bracket (requires two #6 screws)
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Part No: ASV-100-JG