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Isopure Water

Goldline 5 Stage RO System Replacement Water Filter Kit

Product Code IPW (1) Sed (2) CB (1) 50 gpd (1) inline

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The Goldline-50 RO System Replacement Water Filter Kit provides a complete one year supply of filters for your Goldline reverse osmosis system. This kit includes the membrane which should be replaced every 2-3 years.

NOTE: Remove fittings from existing In-Line postfilter and install on new In-Line filter using teflon tape.

Qty. Description

  • 1x Sediment Prefilter 5 micron
  • 2x Carbon Block Prefilter
  • 1x TFC Membrane 50 gpd
  • 1x Inline GAC Postfilter 1/4" FPT