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Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottleless Cooler

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Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottleless Cooler


  • External Filtration system
  • Simple and easy to use control panel
  • LED indicator panel
  • Safety button for Hot tank
  • Type T304 stainless steels hot and cold tanks
  • Adjustable cold temperature
  • Power switches for hot/cold tanks

What is the bottleless cooler?

The Global Water G5 Countertop Water Cooler dispenses hot, cold, and ambient temperature water, offering the same options and amenities as a full-sized dispenser encased in a smaller, compact size. Including fully assembled connection hardware, this unit plumbs directly into the cold water line, eliminating the need to deliver and change heavy 5-gallon water bottles. Equipped with an external 4-stage ultra-filtration system, this unit requires 5-micron sediment, a 1-micron carbon, .5 micron carbon taste/odor reduction, and 50 GPD RO Membrane filters that remove bacteria, taste, odor, and other harmful impurities, improving water quality thus providing great tasting drinking water. The easy-to-use control panel with heating and cooling capabilities makes adjusting the thermostat simple while a hot water lock prevents from unwanted accidents. A mechanical float water shut-off system prevents water overflows while type T304 stainless steel hot and cold water tanks keep the water clean and safe. A sleek, contemporary black finish adds modern style, compliments any decor, and is perfect for use within any home, apartment, dorm, or office setting with limited space. The G5CT conforms to UL Standard 399 regulations and comes complete with a built-in cup holder for added convenience.

The storage capacity of this brand-new product is 1.5 gallons. The unit may be connected directly to your cold water line, so you won't need to use the inconvenient 5-gallon plastic water bottles. Water bottles fit easily into the unit's very large dispensing gap, and there are big LED lights that show when the cold and hot power is on. The G5 has tunable cooling capabilities and ensures superiority, dependability, and simplicity of maintenance. The appliance has a hot water lock, an electric shutoff valve, stainless steel reservoirs, and water safety features to keep kids from getting burned. A 4-stage Reverse Osmosis purification system (RO) that is made in the USA is also included with the G5CTRO.


  • Shipping Weight: 20 lb.
  • Cold tank volume 1 gal
  • Hot tank volume .55 gal
  • Cooling Rate: 1.5 gal/hr 37-50 ºF
  • Heating Rate: 1.3 gal/hr 180 ºF
  • Voltage: 115 VAC
  • Power Required: 600w max
  • Dimensions: 13" W x 15" D x 19" H
  • Warranty Information: 3 Years Refrigeration System
  • Warranty 1 Year All Other Parts

Filtration System G5CTF (Optional)

  • Stage 1: 5-micron Sediment
  • Stage 2: 10 micron Activated Carbon
  • Stage 3: Post Carbon

Reverse Osmosis G5CTRO (Optional)

  • Above 3 stages plus
  • Stage 4: 50-GPD RO Membrane

Convenient Hydration: The Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottleless Cooler

Sufficient access to potable water is critical for maintaining optimal health and productivity. Without the burden of bottled water delivery or storage, the Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottleless Cooler provides a practical solution for maintaining access to hot and cold water. This exhaustive guide aims to explore the realm of bottle-less water coolers, with a specific emphasis on the attributes, advantages, and reasons behind the widespread appeal of the Global Water (G5CT) Cooler among individuals in search of a dependable hydration option.

The Importance of Clean and Accessible Water

Water is an essential resource that serves as a foundation for heating, drinking, and numerous other routine activities. The provision of accessible and hygienic water is essential for the preservation of health and hydration. Conventional water distribution approaches, including the use of bottled water, can incur significant financial and ecological burdens. Bottleless water refrigerators provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for obtaining chilled and purified water.

Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottleless Cooler: Key Features

The cooler is versatile in that it can supply both heated and cold water, accommodating a wide range of beverage and hydration requirements. By securing to countertops, this bottle-less cooler conserves floor space and facilitates water accessibility in residences, offices, and commercial establishments.

Strict filtration technology ensures that the water in the G5CT Cooler is devoid of impurities and contaminants, thereby ensuring that hydration is both safe and clean. The energy-efficient design of the cooler minimizes power usage while simultaneously providing both hot and chilly water. The maintenance process is streamlined through the use of replaceable filters and uncomplicated cleansing procedures.

Advantages of the Global Water (G5CT) Bottleless Cooler

There are several benefits associated with the Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottle less Cooler. By eliminating the need for delivery and storage of bottled water, the G5CT Cooler decreases the waste and expenses associated with bottled water. By employing a sophisticated filtration system, dispensed water is rendered devoid of impurities and contaminants, thereby guaranteeing hydration that is both clean and safe. With its hot and cold water options and countertop design, the cooler is practical for use in residences, offices, and commercial establishments.

The energy-efficient design of the cooler minimizes power usage while simultaneously providing both hot and chilly water. The reduction in potable water consumption facilitated by the G5CT Cooler is an environmental sustainability initiative.

Utilizing the Global Water (G5CT) Hot & Cold Counter Top Water Bottle less Cooler to obtain clean, conveniently chilled water is a practical and efficient endeavor. Whether implemented in residential, commercial, or office environments, the G5CT Cooler provides economical operation, environmentally friendly practices, and straightforward upkeep.

Consider your location, hot and cold water demands, water quality, and maintenance obligations when selecting a Global Water Cooler. You can reduce costs and environmental impact while maintaining clean, accessible water through the use of appropriate products and routine maintenance. The Global Water (G5CT) Cooler guarantees that you always have access to the water you require, whether hot or chilled, by providing a dependable and practical supply of both.