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Gentech (MB-1USTD) Mixed bed Ion Exchange Resin (1 Cubic Foot CF)

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MB-1USTD (High Purity, Low TOC) resin is designed to provide high purity water required for many applications such as micro-electronic, pharmaceutical productions and high pressure boiler feed water. The component resins are specially selected to ensure high purity grade water with low conductivity (resistivity > 18 megohms) and very low effluent TOC values. The product is a special blend of specially processed Type I strong base gel type anion exchange resins with dark black, 8% cross-linked strong acid porous gel type cation exchange resins. The special blending is to ensure excellent hydraulic characteristics and regeneration capabilities to produce water free of total dissolved solids. The dark black color of the cation resin also allows the operator to easily visualize the separation of cation and anion resins in a mixed-bed ion exchange polisher during the hydraulic separation of the resin bed. MB- 1USTD (High Purity, Low TOC) is the perfect product for applications where regeneration of resin is required.

Features -

  • Typical Cation/Anion Mix Ratio - 40% : 60% by Volume (other ratios available upon request)
  • Polymer Structure - Polystyrene cross-linked with Divinylbenzene
  • Physical Form and Appearance - Cation: Tough black spherical beads, Anion: Tough white spherical beads
  • Whole Bead Count - 90% Min.
  • Functional Groups - Cation: -SO3H+ (H form), Anion: -N+(CH3)3OH- (OH form)
  • Ionic Form (as shipped) - (Cation/Anion) H+/OH-
  • Mesh Size (U.S. Std) - Cation: mesh size 16-50, Anion: mesh size 16-50
  • Moisture retention, H+/OH- form - Cation: 49-55%, Anion: 53-60%
  • Total Capacity in regenerated form - Cation: 1.8 meq/mL minimum, Anion: 1.2 meq/mL minimum
  • pH Range, Stability - 0–14
  • Effluent Quality Guarantee - >18 meg Ohms and after initial rinse of 50 BV’s (with >16 MΩ·cm DI water as feed water).
  • Part Number - MB-1USTD