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Fleck 5800 SXT Digital Meter Grain Water Softener

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Our 5800 SXT Softeners use a DC motor for stronger and faster gear changes.  With an improved circuit board, it allows better water and salt usage but comes with the same familiar programming as a 5600 SXT.  The 5800 SXT control permits no-hassle set up with a clear and easy-to-understand LCD display. Gallon capacity can be set or adjusted with great accuracy with the meter initiated model and additional features such as a generation day override option and a programmable regeneration time setting means your customer should always receive soft water.

  • Fleck 5800 SXT Electronic valve, 3/4" inlet/outlet, 12 Volt, LED display, downflow brine.
  • Meter initiated.
  • Brine line installation fittings, and owner's manual included as standard.
  • Brine Tank Size: 18 x 30
    • (Optional : 18  x 40)
  • Perfect for Medium Homes
  • Comes with 3/4" NPT and 1" NPT Noryl Bypass
Other options are available - Please call us if you wish to customize your system further!