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Fleck 5600 Econominder Timer Carbon Filter

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Fleck 5600 Econominder Timer Carbon Filter

Unpleasant taste and odors caused by chlorine or organic substances such as decayed vegetation and run-off are adsorbed by top quality activated carbon. The filter will automatically backwash to a predetermined schedule using a calendar clock controlled valve. This frees the bed of accumulated impurities and reads it for operation again.

In order to effectively filter water using reverse osmosis, a carbon filter must be included in the setup. It is commonly used as the second stage of a multi-stage RO system to purify the water and get rid of any lingering tastes or odors. Take into account that carbon filters have a shelf life, and their effectiveness will decline as the filter media becomes contaminated. Carbon filters should be changed on a regular schedule, about once every four to five months, to ensure their continued efficiency. Keep in mind that the carbon filter is just one component of the larger Reverse Osmosis system used to purify water. The water purification process of a reverse osmosis system is not complete until this stage is used in conjunction with the others.


  • Electrical: 110 V/60Hz standard (all valves)
  • Clock initiated
  • Comes with 3/4" NPT and 1" NPT Noryl Bypass


 Cubic Feet (CF) Tank Size
9" x 48"
1.5 10" x 54"
2.0 12" x 52" or 12" x 48"
2.5 13" x 54"
3.0 14" x 65"


  • Coconut Shell Carbon : Standard Carbon used for chlorine, taste and odor removal.
  • Catalytic Carbon : Able to remove chlorine, taste and odor as well but also capable of removing chloramine, and hydrogen sulfide.