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Filter-Softener 15 Pound Box Replacement Filter Tank Gravel

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IPW Industries Inc. Filtration-Grade Garnet Gravel (15 Lbs)

Help your filtration last longer with under bed support gravel. This gravel is specifically chosen as it does not change the composition of your water even after long term use. The garnet gravel does create more even dispersion for water softeners, carbon filters, mixed media filtration tanks, and water conditioners. Without this dispersion, one specific part of your media may degrade faster than the other and causing damage to the filters and the need for early replacement.

Before using this gravel we suggest giving it a quick wash, just in case any dust or debris has settled onto it. Dump your gravel into a large bucket or bin. Then, fill the container with water and using your hands or a sturdy stirring tool agitate the gravel. After that just drain the water and you're ready to go. This 15-pound bag is enough gravel for any filter tank up to 10" in diameter and 54" tall. Two bags should work for any size greater than 12" in diameter but lower than 16" in diameter and 54" tall (which needs 35lbs of gravel).


  • 15 Lbs Bag of Garnet Gravel
  • Perfect for Under Bedding Water Dispersion
  • Pure Stable Garnet Gravel for Filtration
  • Perfect for Any Backwash System

    IPW Industries Inc. is located right here in the United States of America and we're dedicated to providing the tools and equipment you need to filter your own water. As the costs for safe water went up we saw a need to give people what they need to ensure they have clean sources of water and that's how IPW Industries Inc. started. No matter what you need to make your water safe, we can provide it and back it with top quality service.