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Ecotech (DLA-G20) Standpipe Airgap - 2" PVC 40 - ABS, 1" FPT G20

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The DLA-G20 multipurpose standpipe airgap is designed for commercial water treatment equipment and condensate lines that require an airgap discharge to the drain. The DLA-G20 is perfect for applications where rigid Schedule-40 pipe must be plumbed to an approved airgap device. The DLA-G20 provides a convenient ready made true airgap for all Schedule-40 DWV standpipes.

  • Features a 1" female thread inlet for versatility of MIPT Schedule-40 adapters bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Installs onto 2" ABS or PVC Schedule-40 standpipes bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Made from white ABS resin to ASTM specifications for 2" Schedule-40 fittings bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Solid connection ensures a safe and professional installation bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Proprietary design prevents splash or spray from escaping through the airgap window bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Accommodates high flow rates bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 2 vertical inches of airgap bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • Fast easy installation bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 
  • IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) ASME A112.1.3