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Clack (V3186) WS1 Adapter 120 Volt 15 Volt Transformer

Product Code V3186-06

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Transformer WS1 DC Adapter 120 volt / 15 volt pn V3186-06 ( replaced V3186-05 ) for Clack WS1 Valve and other "brands" that use the Clack type of valve under their private label.

Cord is 16ft in length

  • * Test the two outer wires for current. The outer black and white only carry the voltage.

New = Clack started sending valves with a 15 volt DC transformer after 2017. And this DC transformer ONLY works with newer Valves / newer Control Boards ( since 2017 ).

The older (before 2017) AC 12 volt transformer ( V3186 ) will operate both Old and New style control boards.

  • HISTORY of AC and DC operated boards and their Transformers:
  • All Clack control boards made before 2014 will only work with the AC transformer V3186.
  • And the 3 button TC boards made before 2017 will only work with the AC transformer V3186.
  • All boards made AFTER 2017 ( and some 5 button boards made after 2014 ) will work with either the older AC transformer, or the newer ( V3186-06 ) DC transformer.

Clack stopped making the AC transformers in July 2021