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Clack - DLFC - 3/4" Drain Line Flow Control Washer

Product Code V3162-007

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Drain Line Flow Control Buttons are used to limit the amount of drainage per minute to allow for proper backwash rates and retention in the tank.

V3162-007 WS1 DLFC 0.7 gpm
V3162-010 WS1 DLFC 1.0 gpm
V3162-013 WS1 DLFC 1.3 gpm
V3162-017 WS1 DLFC 1.7 gpm
V3162-022 WS1 DLFC 2.2 gpm
V3162-027 WS1 DLFC 2.7 gpm
V3162-032 WS1 DLFC 3.2 gpm
V3162-042 WS1 DLFC 4.2 gpm
V3162-053 WS1 DLFC 5.3 gpm
V3162-065 WS1 DLFC 6.5 gpm
V3162-075 WS1 DLFC 7.5 gpm
V3162-090 WS1 DLFC 9.0 gpm
V3162-100 WS1 DLFC 10.0 gpm