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Aries Filter Works

Aries (AF-10-4080-BB) 10"x4.5" Big Blue Premium Blend Heavy Metals, CTO; MBD-80

Product Code AF-10-4080-BB

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  • ResinTech MDB-80 Mixed Bed Resin
  • Fits Standard Residential & Industrial Size Housing
  • Oversized cartridge for maximum media fill
  • Lot numbered for component traceability
  • Made in the USA
Water picks up dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium easily as it moves though soil and rock. The minerals responsible for "hard" water tend to form insoluble salts, also know as scale. Formation of scale on heating elements reduces the efficiency of small machines. Aries Premium Drinking water filters contain ResinTech MBD-80, a propriety blend of a high capacity weak acid ion exchange resin and granular activated carbon. The ion exchange media prevents scale formation by reducing the calcium and magnesium associated with alkalinity. The GAC reduces chlorine and enhances the quality and tastes of the drinking water. The media is buffered to provide pH balance. Sized to fit standard slim line and big blue housings.