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Aquatec - 5800 Series Water Delivery / Demand Pump

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Benefits to the Aquatec 5800 series pump

  • .25 to 1.7 GPM flow 
  • Up to 130 psi (9 bars) pressure 
  • 3/8" Quick Connect Fittings built in the head (unless otherwise stated)
  • Adjustable switch and bypass settings 
  • Auto purging 
  • 7 year design life 
  • Highly efficient 
  • Minimal pulsation 
  • Whisper quiet at lower flows 
  • Self priming 
  • Can run dry without damage 
  • Chemically resistant versions
Technical Specifications
  • OPERATION: The 5800 pump can draw water from a holding tank and pressurize it, or boost the pressure from a low pressure source. They are designed to operate intermittently, but most versions can run continuously for several hour intervals. The pumps can be operated in demand mode controlled by an integral pressure switch, or in delivery mode controlled by an external power switching device. An integral bypass may be used to limit pressure. 
  • POWER: The power demand varies depending on flow and pressure from 25W to 100W. 
  • MOUNTING: A steel mounting base with four hollow rubber grommets is standard and included at no extra cost. The pump may be mounted in any position. 
  • FITTINGS: The 5800 pump is offered with integral John Guest style quick connect fitting for 3/8" OD semi rigid tubing. (unless otherwise stated)

Aquatec - 5800 Series Water Delivery Demand Pump

Water delivery systems play a crucial role in ensuring a consistent and efficient water supply for various applications. Among the notable options available, the Aquatec - 5800 Series Water Delivery Demand Pump stands out for its exceptional features and performance. Its unique features, such as enhanced water efficiency and reliability, set it apart from the competition. The Aquatec - 5800 Series is designed to meet the demands of both residential and commercial applications.

Water delivery systems are the backbone of numerous industries and households. Diving into the specifics, we'll discuss the key features and specifications that make the Aquatec - 5800 Series Pump a top choice for water delivery needs. From flow rate to pressure settings, we'll cover it all.

One of the standout features of the Aquatec - 5800 Series is its ability to enhance water efficiency. Regular maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of any device. Learn practical tips on how to maintain the Aquatec - 5800 Series for prolonged and reliable performance. Regular maintenance is recommended for optimal performance, typically every six months.