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Alamo (A8014-FL) Filter Ag 2 CF Bag

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Filter Lite is a granulated silicon dioxide sediment media of irregular surface characteristics. This cost effective media offers high filtration rate with small amount of the involved granulate. Filter Lite may be used several times thanks to backwash process. The media effectively stops regular water solid sediments and drastically reduces amount of the suspended matter.

€¢ Color: Light grey to near white
€¢ Bulk Density: 24-26 lbs./cu. ft.
€¢ Specific Gravity: 2.25 gm/cc
€¢ Mesh Size: 10 x 34
€¢ Effective Size: 0.67 mm
€¢ Uniformity Coefficient: 2.1 ±0.1
€¢ Hardness: 6 (Mohs scale)

€¢ Water pH range: wide range
€¢ Maximum water temperature: 
€¢ Bed depth: 24-36 in.
€¢ Freeboard: 50% of bed depth (min.)
€¢ Service flow rate: 5 gpm/sq. ft., 
although considerably higher rates 
are often used
€¢ Backwash flow rate: 8-10 gpm/sq. ft.
€¢ Backwash bed expansion: 20-40% 
of bed depth
€¢ Upon installation allow bed to soak 
overnight before backwashing