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Air Gap International

Air Gap International (211211) Gap-A-Flow Softener Inline Air Gap

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  • Provides an in-line air gap, usually installed in the last 5 feet (1.5 meters) of the indirect drain piping and must be in the down leg of the drain line piping.
  • Unit can be tilted at any angle (down as low as 45° angle) when installing if needed, (window opening on top side).
  • Molded clamp groove plus included "Jiffy Clip" enable easy vertical wall mounting as noted in first 2 figures.
  • Unique design incorporates a rotatable splash guard/splatter shield, to eliminate splatter of water droplets out of either air gap opening.
  • Unit approximately 8¨ (20.32 cm) long.
  • Unit design lab tested at 15 G.P.M. (56.8 Liters/minute). Recommended usage is 1 to 7 G.P.M. (3.7 to 26.5 Liters/minute).
  • All noted threads are American NPT threads.
  • Use the 1/4¨ F.I.P. threads only with injector* washer (P/N 211207) and with flow rates less than 1 G.P.M. (3.8 liters/minute). (*Injector washer should be fully seated in top of unit. Push washer down using a wooden pencil or similar object.)
  • Inlet port also fits our special couplings (P/N 51023 or P/N 211213).
  • Multiple air gap openings far exceed the code mandated minimum of (1)¨ vertical.
  • Listed by NSF® and UPC®.
  • Easily provides full bac