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20 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal 12x40 Mesh

Product Code (20 lbs) 1240-AW

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We carry bulk replacement, refill Coconut Shell Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). Premium grade coconut carbon media can be used in drinking water treatment for residential or commercial systems. Coconut carbon usually works better than regular charcoal as a filtering media because it outperforms regular carbon in chlorine removal and Volatile Organic Compounds. 
  • Our Activated Coconut Shell Carbon removes bad taste and, more importantly, dangerous contaminants that compromise human health. Some of the key contaminants removed by filtering water over solid carbon water filters are: Chlorine, Bad Taste and Odor, Pesticides Trihalomethanes, Volatile Organic Compounds
  • This is a premium carbon media to be used in residential or commercial drinking water treatment devices.
  • Great High Quality Replacement Carbon Media for Refillable water Filters or Whole House Filter Tanks.
  • Comes in a 20 pound Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal sack.
  • Coconut Shell Granulated Activated Carbon High Performance Water Filtering GAC Media Commercial or Residential Drinking Water Replacement Carbon Filtering. 

Coconut shell activated carbon is a highly porous substance made from coconut shells that have been processed at high temperatures, resulting in a material with an extremely high surface area. This surface area allows the activated carbon to adsorb or trap contaminants and impurities from water and other liquids by attracting and holding them. The 12x40 mesh size indicates that the granules of activated carbon are all of a similar size (between 0.425 and 1.7 millimeters) and that this particular grade is commonly used for water purification and air filtration applications.

Acid washed coconut shell carbon is treated with an acid solution, usually hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. This process removes any impurities from the carbon and creates a highly porous surface with an increased adsorption capacity. The acid solution also removes any trace metals from the carbon. Therefore, acid washed carbon is often used in applications where trace metals are a concern.

This replacement coconut carbon is a high quality filtering media. It's a high density filter material with balanced porous structure that creates high filtering performance. It's high quality because it has a great absorption rate to remove contaminants from drinking water. Most common application for granulated activated carbon are removing unpleasant taste and odor from drinking water and chlorine reduction. This media can be backwashed.


Water purification is a critical aspect of ensuring a safe and healthy water supply. In the quest for natural and effective filtration solutions, the 20 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal emerges as a powerful contender. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features and advantages of this eco-friendly filtration medium, emphasizing its role in enhancing water quality.

Coconut shell-based activated carbon has gained popularity as a natural and sustainable choice for water filtration. The granular form enhances its versatility, making it suitable for various water treatment applications. Let's delve into the key features that make 20 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal a standout option.

Derived from coconut shells, this activated carbon charcoal is a natural filtration medium. It harnesses the adsorption properties of activated carbon to attract and trap impurities, ensuring that water is purified without the use of harsh chemicals.

The granular form of activated carbon provides a large surface area, maximizing its adsorption capacity. This means that the charcoal can effectively capture and remove a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other undesirable substances present in water.

The choice of coconut shells as the raw material for this activated carbon offers several advantages. Coconut shell-based carbon is known for its high density and hardness, providing a durable and long-lasting filtration medium. Additionally, coconut shells are a renewable resource, making this option environmentally friendly.

The granular form of activated carbon allows for versatility in its applications. Whether used in water filters, aquariums, or industrial processes, the 20 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal can adapt to various filtration systems, offering a solution for different water treatment needs.

The primary benefit of using coconut shell-based activated carbon is its effectiveness in removing contaminants from water. This includes chlorine, sediment, odors, and organic compounds, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting water.

Activated carbon can enhance the taste and odor of water by eliminating unwanted substances. The coconut shell base further contributes to a natural and refreshing taste, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more pleasant drinking water experience.

Unlike some water treatment methods that involve the use of chemicals, activated carbon provides a chemical-free filtration process. This is particularly important for individuals who prioritize a more natural and eco-friendly approach to water purification.

The hardness and density of coconut shell-based activated carbon ensure a long lifespan and durability. This means that the 20-lb Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal is a cost-effective option, requiring less frequent replacements compared to some other filtration media.

The granular form of activated carbon makes it ideal for use in residential water filtration systems. Whether integrated into whole-house filters or countertop units, it effectively removes impurities, providing households with clean and safe drinking water.

Activated carbon is commonly used in aquariums to eliminate impurities and ensure a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic life. The granular form is well-suited for use in aquarium filters, contributing to water clarity and quality.

In industrial settings where water quality is crucial for various processes, coconut shell-based activated carbon is employed for its efficiency in removing contaminants. Its versatility allows it to adapt to different industrial water treatment applications.

The 20 Lbs Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal represents a natural and sustainable solution for water purification. With its high adsorption capacity, versatility, and eco-friendly coconut shell base, this activated carbon offers a range of benefits for residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment applications.

As you explore water filtration options, consider the advantages of coconut shell-based activated carbon for a chemical-free and effective purification process. The 20-lb Bulk Coconut Shell Water Filter Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal stands as a testament to the power of nature in providing clean and refreshing water for various needs. Upgrade your water filtration system with this eco-friendly solution and experience the benefits of natural and efficient purification.