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An integral part of a reverse osmosis system is a reliable Aquatec booster pump. An Aquatec booster pump is required for low feed water pressure situations. Reverse osmosis (ro) systems require a minimum of 40 psi for the auto shut-off valve to properly operate and for the reverse osmosis membrane to perform. Without sufficient pressure, a ro system will continuously run and drain unnecessary water.

Aquatec booster pumps can be used for Water Treatment/RO, Carbonation Systems, Misting Systems, Alternative Energy/Solar, Medical lab water, Laser Cooling Systems, and Fuel Cells. Their 6800 and 8800 series pumps are the "global standard" in the industry in the booster pump industry. Booster pumps are built for intermittent use and can also be used for recirculation based applications as well. These are ideally used to operate with hydro-pneumatic storage systems or hydraulic shut-off valves.

Aquatec booster transformers are required when purchasing the 6800 or 8800 booster pumps. Additional accessories can be used in conjunction with their booster pumps including: pressure switches (PSW Series), tank level controllers (TLC Series) or electronic shut-off valves (ESO Series).

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However if you need to deliver water to a distant location, then you would require a delivery pump. The primary function of an Aquatec delivery pump is to actually send the water to the location but the secondary application of the pump is to booster the pressure. In contrast, booster pumps are capable of simply increasing the output pressure with little effect to the actual flow. These pumps are typically used to repressurize water from an atmospheric tank and deliver water to a specific point-of-use unit with added pressure. They are built for intermittent use but can withstand several hours of long term usage.

There are two ways of controlling delivery pumps which are "demand" internal switches and external power control device switches. Demand delivery pumps have an internal pressure switch that tells the pump to turn on and off according to the set pressure of the pump. External power controlled pumps must be turned on at the switch controlled outside of the pump. Delivery pumps are typically used in the following industries: Water Treatment/RO, Beverage/Foodservice, Distillation Equipment, Agricultural Spraying, General Industrial, and Automotive industry.

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