You are lucky if the water supply in your area is clean. Most of the times, people complaint that the water quality in their homes is bad. This causes harm to the pipelines and home appliances, and of course, to our health. This is when a water softener or water conditioner comes to the rescue.

With these two types of systems, you can lessen the effects of hard water in your home water supply, thus reducing its harmful effects. However, people often get confused about which one they should choose, a water conditioner or softener.

Water Softener V/S Water Conditioner: How Do They Work?

Both of these systems are meant to remove the hardness of water that can cause severe damage in the longer run. Let us see how both of these work.

Water softeners utilize a process in which hard water minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica are pulled out by ionic exchange, and they are then replaced with sodium ions. These unwanted minerals are then flushed out of the water system making the water clean and pure.

Water conditioners, on the other hand, work in an entirely different way. They do not remove the unwanted minerals from the water. Instead, water conditioners work by changing the chemical structure of water, which then hinders the ability of minerals from forming scales along your pipes. These are lesser of water softeners, and more of "descalers" as the minerals are still left present in the water. However, it is considered to be the best option for homes.  There is a variety in water conditioners, including; Carbon filtration, Easy type or space-age systems, catalytic media, etc.

It's Time For The Results: Water Conditioner V/S Water Softener

Benefits of water softeners

  • Water softeners reduce scaling in pipes.
  • Have you ever notices white or yellow spots around your drains or faucets? A water softener helps reducing it.
  • You can enjoy good leather of your soap and reduces the soap scum.
  • You can make the most of your soap, detergent, cleaner, dish soap at a lesser quantity.
  • Helpful in removing spots from the dishes.

Benefits of water conditioners

  • Beneficial in removing the scaling from pipelines.
  • Lesser installation cost as compared to the other alternatives.
  • Does not waste water as it works by changing the chemical structure of water.
  • It works effectively in removing white and yellow spots from around the faucets and drains.
  • Less maintenance is required when it comes to water conditioners.