TDS in Water: Is It an Issue?

When we think about the water that we and our families drink, we like to believe it is clean and fresh. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In fact, the quality of your drinking water is dependent upon the state and town in which you live and where your water is sourced.

As we all know, a lot of substances can be dissolved in water. We see this when we mix in salt to help relieve a sore throat or even those drink powders that we use to flavor our water (there are tons available at the supermarket).

What Is The Quality Of The Water You Have Access To

The downside of the fact that water is known as the universal solvent is that we don’t always know what is in the water we are drinking. This information is critical to have as it provides you an overview of the quality of the water to which you have access.  The information you are looking for is called TDS (total dissolved solids). This tells you how many particles are in the amount of water you measure.

Total Dissolved Solids

“What is dissolved in my water?” This commonly asked question has a host of answers. The solids dissolved in your water may include but are not limited to, zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides, and lead.   And, these substances can come from your plumbing system, wells, and even the water supply for your town. You can measure the TDS by using a home water kit. The Environment Protection Agency shares that 500ppm is the maximum number of TDS for drinking water. Levels over 1000 can be unsafe.

The level of TDS impacts your water in many ways. First, it can influence its taste and smell. And, some particles can even affect your health. Understanding what is in your water and the levels of each substance is important to determine if your water is safe. 

When the numbers indicate that solids are high, consider using a water filtration system. Today, there are a number of options available. The issues with your water, your budget, and the type of home will help indicate the best options for your particular situation. In some cases, water distillers can be helpful, while others would be most impacted by a reverse osmosis system. With everything from sink filters to whole house filters available, you have a number of options from which to choose.  Take some time to do some research and select which works best for your situation. TDS in water is an issue. 

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