What Is Distilled Water and Is It Safe to Drink?

Distilled water - it seems to be everywhere these days - even on the shelves in your local grocery store. But the fact is, many people are confused regarding distilled water - they have no idea what the term actually means and what the water is used for.

Distilled water is incredibly pure and of the highest quality. The process of distilling removes virtually all harmful chemicals and bacteria. Unfortunately, it also removes a host of minerals that are beneficial to many people, including magnesium, sodium, and calcium.

Who Uses Distilled Water

As a result of its purity, distilled water is valuable and used frequently in a host of businesses and industries. Among the many that value distilled water are pharmaceutical companies,  laboratories and even aquariums.  Additionally, hospitals and other medical facilities are large consumers of distilled water; they use it both to sterilize equipment, prepare food and conduct surgical procedures.

Clearly, distilled water is valuable in a broad range of specific situations.  However, many still wonder if it is appropriate to drink.

When safety is the question, the answer is simple; distilled water is safe to drink. That said, altering your diet to consume only distilled water may not be the best decision for everyone. 

The body needs some of the minerals that distilling removes. If you are obtaining these minerals elsewhere, drinking distilled water is a fine choice. However, if you are not, and you wish to consume only distilled water, you should look carefully at your diet and the vitamins you take to ensure your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs.

In particular, individuals who are ill or suffering from malnutrition may benefit from water that is not distilled. And athletes and individuals who participate in vigorous exercise may wish to avoid distilled water during the times they are particularly active.

In short, distilled water is incredibly pure and free from dangerous bacteria and minerals, including sodium. And the human body needs significant amounts of water to function effectively. For many, distilled water is an excellent choice for remaining hydrated throughout the day.

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