When you made the decision to install a whole-house water filter, you did so because you value clean and fresh drinking water. In order to maintain that level of quality, regular maintenance of your filtration system, meaning changing the filter, is necessary. 
Consequences of Not Changing Your Filter
You may be wondering what happens if you don’t change your water filter. 
Basically, the quality of the water you drink is going to drop. Water filters are designed to filter contaminants - when they become saturated they can no longer do their job effectively and the water you drink will likely not taste as good.
When you use an old water filter your filtration system will not work appropriately. Thus, your drinking water may be filled with chlorine and sediment. The water from your tap may taste funny or smell bad. Also, a residual type of sludge may leak through the filter into your water, something you would clearly want to avoid.
Another issue lies in your water pressure. When filters become “filled” water does not flow as freely. Everyday tasks like laundry could take significantly longer. And the wait for the shower would most certainly increase.
When to Replace Your Filter
While each whole house filtration system is different, most require multiple filters: a pre-filter, carbon filter, and post filter. At times, each of these will need to be replaced. You should review the manual for your system to identify the life of each filter. It may be wise to order some extra and keep them on hand to simplify the changing process and ensure their availability so you don’t get caught off guard. 
It is important to understand that appropriate recommended maintenance and filter changing is important as it not only ensures the quality of the water in your home or business but also keeps system warranties valid. Failure to do these simple things could invalidate your warranty resulting in costly repairs.
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