Does soap scum build up on your bathtub and shower walls?  Is your laundry “stiff” when you take it out of the washing machine?  Do your hair and skin feel dry after you shower? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions you, like the majority of people in the country,  likely have hard water. And, you may benefit from installing a water softener. 
What Are Water Softeners?
Water softeners are water filtration systems for your entire home.  They are designed to remove damaging minerals including calcium and magnesium using a process called ion exchange.  
Hard water can be incredibly detrimental to your home. These caustic minerals can accumulate in your plumbing pipes, and build up on faucets and showerheads, eventually decreasing your water pressure. Additionally, households with hard water have to replace appliances more frequently.  
Water softeners remove magnesium and calcium changing your hard water to soft before it enters your pipes. Thus the water that flows in your showers and tubs, sinks, and appliances is softened. 
The Benefits of Water Softeners
The benefits of installing water softeners are considerable. And, in the long run, the decision is economical. For example, a water softener will:
  • Increase the life of your expensive appliances (including hot water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers).
  • Decrease the amount of laundry detergent necessary to clean your clothing appropriately. Some people report using up to 50% less!
  • Prevent soap scum buildup in your bathrooms so you spend less time cleaning.
  • Lower utility bills as a result of the increased efficiency of your appliances. 
  • Help your hair and skin feel smoother and cleaner.
In short, water softeners relieve the expenses and hassle of maintaining a home with hard water. Additionally, these systems require little maintenance and have a significant life span (many between 15 and 20 years). However, these systems do not filter out other impurities. Even with a water softener, you may want to consider a water filter to ensure your family has access to clean and clear water. 

If you have hard water and are experiencing many of the issues discussed, you should consider a water softener. The benefits are both immediate and long-term and will positively impact all members of your household.
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