Watts Aqua Lock Fittings: Making Your Life Easier

If you have had a water filtration system installed in your home or place of business, you clearly appreciate the value of easily available and accessible clean and fresh water. 

While the water itself is critical for good health, without a doubt there is something to be said for easily available. Let’s face it, life can be complicated and time is an incredibly valuable commodity. Haven’t you ever wished for an extra hour or two in your day? We certainly have!

The professionals at Watts Aqua Lock understand that time is valuable. As such, their products, Watts Aqua Lock Fittings, are designed to make your life easier. They have developed and manufactured AquaLock™ push-to-connect fittings. 

Benefits of Watts Aqua Lock Fittings Push to Connect

AquaLock™ push-to-connect fittings give you fast and secure connections without any tools. Push to Connect fittings are far more convenient to use than compression fittings. Additionally, they are more practical in ordinary plumbing applications than permanent solvent-gluing CPVC and PVC pipes or sweat-soldering brass pipes using a torch. These fittings have demonstrated a high level of reliability even when concealed behind panels or other enclosed spaces. When connecting brass tube, PEX, or CPVC for new installation or maintenance, Push to Connect fittings are the simplest and fastest way to ensure an air or fluid-tight seal when the tube or pipe is inserted.

  1. The ability to make a fast and reliable connection is the most significant benefit of Push to Connect fittings. Whether a new installation or an emergency repair, saving time is saving money.
  2. Unlike gluing or soldering, the tubing does not need not be completely dry.
  3. Push to Connect fittings are available in various materials for different applications to match the corresponding tube or pipe as stated above. (i.e. PCNB; Push to Connect Nickel-Plated or brass).
  4. They are easily detached for inserting new tubing or performing other maintenance.
  5. Push to Connect product lines cover many different styles in a variety of sizes for multiple applications.
  6. Push to Connect fittings allow for easy connections without having to glue, solder, use clamps or compression style unions.

In Stock - Watts Aqua Lock Fittings

At Isopure Water, we stock a full range of this quality product. In fact, our inventory currently includes over 30 variations. Perfect for virtually any sized CTS pipe, these products, complete with a stainless steel gripper ring, are assets you should definitely consider. 

In addition to being long lasting, these fittings are easy to install. You don’t need to identify, call and schedule a professional; you really can do it yourself. The installation is simple and can be completed quickly. This helps you to maintain the integrity of your water filtration system with minimum effort; allowing you to focus your valuable time on your business, family and friends.

At Isopure Water, we are proud to provide you with a broad range of water filtration systems and their associated components. We welcome your questions; our professionals are ready to engage with you to explain the value of these systems, to help you determine which may be best for your needs and to counsel you on repairs and replacements. 

We only stock products we believe are of the highest quality. Watts Aqua Lock Fittings clearly fit the bill.