All About Water and Water Quality

So much has changed over time. Think back to when we were young children. Our “measure” as to whether water was good or not, in terms of drinking, was predominately based on its temperature.  Ice cold water was good. Lukewarm or room temperature water was bad. We definitely confused temperature with taste!

While most will agree that cold water is more refreshing, there are so many more factors about water and water quality that we know today.  There are a  host of things that make water “better” for us - and as we always say, knowledge is power. Why is water quality important? 

Know the Source to Determine Water Quality

First of all, recognizing the source of your water, where it comes from, can provide you with so much information. In the United States, many of us receive our water from community systems and others through private wells. While public water systems are subject to EPA regulations, private wells are not.

So, if you get your water from a private well, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe for drinking.

Understand the Oversight

That said, you may not be satisfied with the governmental regulations regarding your water.  You see, while the  EPA limits certain water contaminants, your water may still legally contain trace amounts of them. There presence can impact its taste and smell.

If you are concerned about the water quality in your home you can access the report your community supplier compiles. This document, which is public information, shares valuable details including where your water comes from as well as the contamination it contains.  

If you still have questions, you can pay to have your water tested through a state-certified lab. Charges for this service can vary, but the information that tests provide can be enlightening.

Ensuring Water Quality

If you want to ensure that the water your family and clients access is truly clean and fresh, you should consider the installation of a water filter. As a result of advances in technology, there are a host of available options today. 

Depending upon your needs, your property size, and your budget, you may have several choices. Under Sink and countertop are among the most affordable. The downside of these is that they only filter the water in that one area (that specific sink) in your house. Other options include UV purification systems, whole house filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems. Some of these provide enhanced purification; the water that flows to your appliances would also be filtered.

Deciding what is best for your specific situation is key. But, regardless of which you choose, water filtration systems are a surefire way to ensure that the water you drink and that comes into your home is fresh and free of contaminants.

Understanding all of the facets that impact the water you drink, including from where it is sourced and what it contains can help you make important decisions regarding your need for a water filtration system.

​​Isopure Water, a retailer of water filtration systems, is proud of its extensive inventory. The company’s knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you answer your questions regarding your personal needs. We want to help ensure you have great water quality. They invite you to contact them at (877) 541-6603.