At Isopure Water, we are proud to offer our customers a full range of products designed to provide clean and fresh water for their homes and businesses. 
In many areas, due to gravity, distance from your water source, or a host of other issues water pressure can be low. If this is the case where you live or where your business is located, a water booster pump can help. 
Booster pumps are placed in line with the RO membrane to enhance the pressure of the water entering the membrane. It will supply your RO membrane with the optimal water pressure, resulting in the greatest possible water output, the best quality filtered water, and the least amount of wastewater possible. Usually, they're hung under the RO unit to make sure the cords from the transformer and the pressure switch can reach with the pump mounted.
We invite you to look at our water booster pump inventory comprised of the most reputable brands including Aquatec, Shurflo, and Flojet. Contact us with any questions regarding water booster pumps and learn which would be the best addition to your home.