“What type of water filter should we get for our home?” Honestly, this question is raised regularly. The fact that there are choices is great; it gives individuals and families the opportunity to select the best option for their specific situation.
For those who are looking to simply filter the water from their kitchen sink (there is no doubt that clean and fresh water is healthy and important), there are two choices: either an under-sink filter or a countertop filter. Let’s consider each.
Under-Sink Water Filters
While these filters rely upon a specific and dedicated tap, they are relatively easy to install. Most people can do the work themselves, so there is no need to engage a plumber (which saves you both time and money).
Additionally, there are several options available on the market. Based on the size of your family, you can decide just how big a system to purchase. The size of your system, and its associated cartridges, determine the care and maintenance necessary. When you don’t change the filters as required, the quality of your water can suffer.
Finally, if aesthetics are of concern, an under-sink water filter may be the best choice for you. Many who elect to leverage them like the idea that the filtration system doesn’t take up valuable counter space and is hidden beneath the sink. Because they can hold a significant amount, these systems are often popular with families that drink a lot of water.
Countertop Water Filters
Just as its name says, countertop filters need to be placed atop your counter, adjacent to your sink. Water is transferred from your faucet into the filter.
Because these filters are among the most simple to install, they are incredibly popular. . And, they come complete with a spout, so putting in an extra tap is unnecessary. Without a doubt, installation is a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Additionally, even though the cartridges in this option must be changed regularly, countertop filters are the most reasonably priced filtration system option. 
One final reason these systems are so popular is that they are portable.  They can be moved from kitchen to bathroom if necessary, and even taken with you if you relocate. Owners of motorhomes and campers are often proponents of systems like this.
The Choice Is Yours
As we have come to understand the importance of drinking pure and fresh water and we have recognized that the water to which we have access is not always as clean as we would like, water filters have become more and more popular. 
They are reasonably priced, easy to install, and economical. You see, once you have a filter in your home, you no longer need to purchase bottled water, saving you time and money.
The variety of filters available is considerable. There are models and options for every size home and at a range of prices. Take some time to recognize your needs and research what would work best for your family.

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