As per science, a little bit of iron is essential for the body. However, you need to be careful if there is too much iron coming out of your tap water. This is potentially harmful to your body. This is why experts advise using an iron infiltration system in your homes as it will save you from putting your life in danger.

What Contributes To Iron In Drinking Water?

If your tap water is rusty in color and gives out a strong, foul odor, then it is a clear sign of iron in the water. A rusty pipe is one of the most significant factors contributing to the iron levels in your drinking water. Iron carries with it bacteria that feed off it to thrive; hence there are many harmful health effects of too much iron in the water.

Let us now have a look at the side effects of iron on our health.

Side Effects Of Iron In Water

High levels of iron in water can cause some severe health problems such as the development of iron overload that can be caused due to the mutation in the gene, which is responsible for digesting iron in the body. The presence of iron in water health effects can also cause hemochromatosis, which can then lead to liver failure, heart, and pancreatic damage, diabetes, etc. You might also feel nausea, weight loss, vomiting, joint pain, fatigue, etc. There are various other issues that arise if iron levels in water are high.

  • Skin Problems: High percentage of contaminants such as iron in water leads to early aging of the skin as the healthy skin tissues start getting damaged. Since the hard water is unable to provide proper cleaning properties, it cannot remove the soap and grease, leading to clogging in skin pores. You can install an iron filtration system to deal with this problem.
  • Poor Hair Quality: Bathing in excessively iron-rich water can make your hair brittle due to the oxidizing effects iron causes by sucking out all the moisture from your body.
  • Attacks Your Internal Organs: Iron is required for the transportation of oxygen in the blood. However, too much density of iron in drinking water health effects are innumerable as it leads to iron poisoning and causes severe damage to your internal organs, including heart and liver failure, diabetes, and even loss of sex drive.