What's In Your Tap Water & How Filters Can Help

We would all like to believe that the tap water we drink is clean and fresh.  Unfortunately, in many instances, this is not the case.  In fact, tap water can be filled with contaminants, many of which can impact your health.

You may wonder why your water is home to so many chemicals. First, there is the issue of pollution. It seems like each and every year more contaminants that result from pollution are discovered.

Additionally, if you receive your water from a municipality, your water may contain chemical additives.  These include chlorine, which kills bacteria and, in many cases, fluoride, added for health benefits. 

Chemicals in Tap Water

Other chemicals that have been found in drinking water include pesticides, fertilizers, lead, sulfate, nitrate, and mercury, just to name a few. While the EPA and FDA do regulate drinking water, they do not prohibit contaminants, they simply limit them. 

Two of the most popular ways to ensure the water you drink is free of contaminants are to consume bottled water or leverage the use of water filters.  Bottled water can be costly over time, and while it limits the chemicals from drinking tap water, you and your family are still exposed to bathwater and the water used in your appliances.  Additionally, the plastic that contains the water is harmful to the environment.

Options for Water Filters

Water filters are becoming increasingly popular. There are a host of options available today and, based upon your needs and your budget, you can choose what is best for your specific situation.  

Undersink filters can provide your family with fresh drinking water, but the benefits are limited to the specific sink in which they are installed.  If you are looking for broader protection, you may be interested in a whole-house system, of which there are many from which to choose.  Where you live, your budget and the number of people it will serve will all factor in selecting the best option for your family or business.

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe

If you are concerned about the chemicals found in tap water, consider the installation of a water filtration system. They provide you and those you love access to clean and fresh water, the benefits are considerable.  Take some time to research the different systems available  - knowledge is power!

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