How Does A Reverse Osmosis System Work


The benefits of quality drinking water cannot be denied. And today, for many, accessing it is as easy as having a filtration system installed in their homes. Without a doubt, reverse osmosis systems are an extremely popular way of ensuring clean, clear, and fresh water for your family, friends, and business associates. A reverse osmosis system for home is important.  Reverse osmosis technology offers you the ability to remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water which will improve the quality of water. These systems are designed to remove both chlorine and sediment from your water.  They are easy to install, result in cost savings over time, and are completely automated.  If you are considering the installation of one of these systems you may be curious as to how it works. 


Multiple Filters in a Reverse Osmosis System = Extra Clean Water


Leveraging water pressure, a number of filters are used during reverse osmosis. These include a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and a reverse osmosis membrane. Each plays a specific role in purifying your water.  While sediment filters are most effective at limiting dust, rust, and dirt;  carbon filters focus on volatile organic compounds including chlorine - -the types of substances that you can smell and taste. Finally, your reverse osmosis membrane is incredibly effective at removing total dissolved solids. 


Reverse Osmosis Operation


Reverse osmosis is a multi-step technique.  In the beginning, your water undergoes a pre-filtration process (this is where it is subject to the carbon and sediment filters).  This removes substances that could damage the osmosis membrane, which is the next step. The reverse osmosis membrane removes the smallest particles remaining in your home or business' water. Fully filtered water is then directed to your water storage tank and finally into your home or business.  Your reverse osmosis system continuously filters water until your water tank is full.


In the end,  when you use the sink, water travels from your storage tank, through a post-filter through your faucet.


The result of multiple filtering stages provides you with water that is clean and free of impurities.  Reverse osmosis systems remove a host of contaminants including, but not limited to salt, sediment, chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides.  These systems are extremely effective, providing some of the cleanest water available. The technology surrounding these systems is tried and true and has been used by municipal water companies for decades. 


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