What Is A Pelican Water Filter?

Pelican Water Filters: What Are They and How Do They Function? It's akin to a whole-house water filtration system in that it cleans your water of various impurities. Chlorine, chloramines, silt, rust, and even some bacteria and viruses are examples of potential pollutants.

The Pelican Water Filter does this using a multi-stage filtration method. A sediment pre-filter removes bigger sediments like sand and dirt from the water before it reaches the final sediment filter. The carbon filter then eliminates chlorine and other contaminants that could alter the water's flavor or aroma. At last, a copper-zinc and mineral filter is used to further reduce the number of germs and viruses in the water.

So far, the Pelican Water Filter has done wonders for the water's flavor and aroma in my home. My tap water used to smell strongly of chlorine, but now it just smells like water. My skin and hair have also become noticeably softer after a shower, which I attribute to the lack of chlorine and other pollutants in the water.


Benefits Of Using A Pelican Water Filter

The Pelican Water Filter is great because it doesn't need regular servicing. Infrequent filter changes (every six to twelve months, depending on consumption) are the only regular maintenance the system requires. Although more expensive than some other filters, the Pelican Water Filter is an effective system for purifying water. I think it's reasonable given the clean water it provides and the fact that you won't ever need to replace the filters.

The Pelican Water Filter wasn't too difficult to put together either. It was professionally installed for me, but anyone with plumbing expertise could handle it. Following the included instructions to the letter and using the included hardware, you should have no trouble getting the system up and running. The Pelican Water Filter uses copper-zinc and mineral filtration, which sets it apart from several other whole-house filtration systems. KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filtration is an efficient method for purifying water by removing harmful microorganisms. You may save money and time in the long term by preventing scale building in your pipes and appliances with the help of a copper-zinc and mineral filter.


Additional Reasons To Purchase a Pelican Water Filter

The fact that the Pelican Water Filter is safe for the environment is a nice bonus. If you purify your tap water, you can use it instead of buying bottled water, cutting down on plastic bottle waste. The system's efficiency also ensures that it won't put a strain on your budget because of the cost of electricity. Keep in mind that the Pelican Water Filter wasn't made to get rid of every possible water contamination. If your water has a lot of lead, for instance, you might want to invest in a more advanced filtration system. However, the Pelican Water Filter is an all-encompassing and efficient method for most homes to improve their water quality. Purchase one from Isopure Water today and improve your drinking water!