Making Tap Water Safe For Your Family

As a parent, taking care of your family is of the highest priority.  A key to doing that is providing the basics: shelter, food, and yes, water. Is drinking tap water safe? 

Clean and Fresh Water is Critical in Maintaining a Healthy Life

Unfortunately, you cannot simply turn on the faucet in your kitchen and assume the water that comes out is of the highest quality. In fact, the opposite is often true. In homes across the country chemicals found in tap water contain rust, iron, manganese and, when there are water main issues, even dirt. The amount of chlorine in drinking water would surprise you. While impurities in your water may cause health issues, they often impact the taste and smell of the water, making drinking it unpleasant. We know that consuming water positively impacts our health. It is more likely that you and your family will drink the recommended amount of water each day if that water tastes good! 

Tap Water Information

You may be wondering, “how can I make tap water safe for my family?”  The answers, thankfully, are quite simple. First, gain an understanding of where your family’s water comes from. Do you access a well?  Have municipal water? Ground or surface water? Look up the best tap water by state or water quality state by state. This fact provides a great deal of information on how to make sure your water is safe. 

Next, check your plumbing. If you live in an older house you may have lead pipes, which can introduce this element into your water and can be dangerous. You also want to ensure that your pipes are in good condition. When they corrode you may experience leakage.

Finally, to ensure your family always has access to the pure and fresh water, consider installing a filtration system for tap water.  Facts including where you live, your water source and your budget will help determine the best choice for your particular situation. Options include reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filters and filtration systems, and under sink and faucet mounted systems, just to name a few.

Consider contacting an experienced water filtration company, one that offers a broad range of products. The professionals at organizations like this can help you select the best options for your family.

Installing a water filtration system is the perfect way to provide the best tasting tap water to your family and friends. It is an investment in their overall health and well being.

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