We all know the importance of water; staying hydrated is critical for good health.  That said, the quality of the water you, your family, and your employees' drink and use is important. You want it to be clean and fresh, free from impurities and odors. Unfortunately, municipal and well water are not always of the highest quality. As many have recognized this, and technology has advanced, water filtration systems have become common.  

The host of options available had provided access to quality water to many.  That said, the benefits of water filtration systems go far beyond your specific home or business (and those associated with it).  In fact, one of the “side benefits” of water filtration systems is the positive impact they have on our environment.

Taking care of our planet is important. We must all assume responsibility for this task and do our part. Employing a water filtration system is just one way we can help. These systems are beneficial in many ways. First, they help reduce the use of plastic. Many individuals who do not use water filters consume a great deal of water from plastic bottles. Disposing of these bottles is an issue and adds to the pollution problems (on land and in water) we face on a daily basis. Water bottles in the ocean are dangerous to the fish and animals that live there. 

Additionally, considerable energy and fossil fuels are used to produce the plastic which the bottles are made from.  Fewer bottles (because people use glasses and reusable containers) mean a cleaner environment.

We can also affect the water systems. By filtering water (which removes compounds like asbestos, arsenic, and mercury) we drink better water.  This in turn impacts the quality of the water that goes back into the water systems of our towns.

One of the biggest benefits comes from the filtered water we use, not drink. Appliances like washing machines, hot water heaters, and dishwashers use a tremendous amount of water and energy. When they access filtered water, they operate more efficiently because less sediment occurs.  Appliances will last longer and require less energy to run - two big pluses for the environment.

Whether you choose to install a whole house water filtration system or simply a filter on your sink, you will be contributing positively to the environment. And, you will be drinking cleaner, clearer, and fresher water.  It is a win all around. If you aren’t using a filter or filtration system yet, it’s definitely something to consider. Sustainability and care for the environment are goals we should all share. We must work together.

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