If you've added a water softener to your home then you know how valuable it can be. Water softeners are filtering tools that remove calcium and magnesium from your water. 

While it is not unsafe to drink hard water (which contains these dissolved minerals), using a water softener has a number of benefits including alleviating the build-up of minerals in your fixtures, pipes, faucets, and plumbing (increasing their lifespan) and saving you money on the purchase of soaps and cleansers. It’s hard to get a good lather using hard water so many people use more products.

Cleaning Your Water Softener System

It is important to remember to clean your water softener tank. While this process can seem daunting, in reality, it’s quite simple

Water softener systems consist of two tanks: a resin bead tank and a brine tank. Both need to be cleaned on occasion.

For the bead tank, you should purchase the resin bead cleaner recommended for the system you have. You will use this substance to flush the resin beads in your system and remove the minerals that build up on them over time.

The brine tank is where the salt pellets are held. Over time they disintegrate and leave a residue behind. Annually, remove this residue from the tank using a shovel. And, remember to check for mold. If you see it growing, completely empty the tank and scrub it clean. Some models suggest adding bleach and running it through the entire unit. The amount of bleach to use is based on the size of your system. A 9-inch tank would require one cup of bleach while larger tanks (12 inches) need two. Then, run a manual regeneration, making sure to allow the entire process to complete prior to drinking any water from your taps.

Of course, each water softener model is unique. You should be sure to review your owner’s manual for specific cleaning information and procedures. What works for one system may not be appropriate for another.

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