Municipal tap water and bottled water which have meagre regulations are said to contain plenty of impurities in them. Installation of a water filter system in your home is the best solution to getting clean, safe and refreshing water. The different kinds of whole house filtration system include

a) Carbon

b)UV radiation

c)Reverse Osmosis


e)Water distillation

Whole house water filters, filter all the water that comes into your house. It removes contaminants and requires professional installation. The price range of a whole house water filter ranges from $40 to $1000+.

Here are the steps on how to change whole house water filter easily:

1.Turning water supply off

It is essential to initially turn off the water supply by turning the main water supply valve off.

2.Remove housing

The housing unit must be unscrewed, and the large O-ring must be removed. The O-ring is like a thin black rubber band in large diameter. The housing must be cleaned with a cloth or must be replaced with new housing.

3.Disposing of the old filter

Now, the old dirty filter must be detached and trashed. There will be bulks od dust accumulated in the housing, and this must be cleaned by rinsing it off. The housing must be cleaned with a sponge and warm water using soap and maybe a little bit of bleach. This must be done several times until it is clean.

4.Lube the O-Ring

This is an essential step in how to replace a whole house water filter. With clean silicone grease, the O-ring must be lubricated entirely and made sure the grease covers the inside and the outside of it. Take special care in placing back the O-ring or else the housing with leak and water pressure could subside.

5.Installing a new Water Filter

A standpipe will be positioned at the centre bottom of the housing, and this filter must be replaced. The new filter must be centred on the standpipe.

6.Screwing housing to the cap

While changing the whole house water filtration, the housing with new filter cartridge by hand screwing it to the cap. It must be ensured that the housing is not tightened too much as this could lead to cracks.

7.Turn on the water supply

Slowly switch on the inlet valve and turn the water supply back on. Take care of not rushing the water and blowing off the housing unit. The inlet valve must be turned slowly, and the water pressure must be tested. Male sure a good seal is done in the housing and cap meet.

After the completion of changing the whole house water filtration system, run the house water for a while and check for pressure changes – in the faucets and showers.