How Long Do Appliances Last with Soft Water vs. Hard Water

Household appliances are expensive.  When you purchase items including a laundry washing machine and dishwashers you are making an investment in your home and your life. And, you assume that these appliances will have a significant life span. They are not “consumables” and they should work effectively for years.

Affect Your Appliances Lifespan

That said, there are certain things that can and do affect the life of your appliances. We all recognize that careful and appropriate use and regular maintenance are two of them.  But, many would be surprised to hear that the type of water in your home, hard water versus soft water, can also impact the operations and life of your appliances.

These terms may be foreign to many. As such, it is important to recognize the difference between the two.

  • Hard Water: This is water that has high mineral content. It may contain calcium and magnesium carbonates and sulfates.
  • Soft Water: This is water that contains very few elements.  It is often treated and may only contain sodium.

If you have hard water, soap tends to be less effective, it does not lather and foam as vigorously as it does in soft water. When you wash dishes, you may see spots on them.  In addition to this, hard water is wearing on appliances. Mineral deposits (such as lime buildup)  can accumulate on water heaters. This makes them more expensive to operate and reduces their effective life.  On the other hand, soft water leaves no residue.

Other appliances, including dishwashers, washing machines, hot tubs, refrigerators and even coffee makers can benefit from soft water. Because of the absence of minerals ,the stress on these appliances is reduced.  They will be easier to clean and require less maintenance.  

Water filtration systems can help convert your hard water to soft water. This purchase proves to be a valuable investment over time, as your appliances don’t need to be repaired as often and they work efficiently and effectively for longer, thus saving you money.

If you have questions regarding hard vs. soft water and the benefits of a water filtration system, it is wise to do some research. It may be in your best interests to have a system installed in your home or business to extend the life of your appliances

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