You Need to Drink More Water in the Winter

Drink more water!  This phrase is commonly read in magazines and spoken by doctors across the country and around the world.  While the recommendations of the exact amount of water we should all actually be drinking on a daily basis vary; approximately 8 glasses a day seems to be an average. 

Many people accept the importance of drinking lots of water in the summer.  It’s hot. We sweat and can become dehydrated. That said, did you ever see a qualifier on the “drink more water” advice that read “only in the summer”.  Nope!  That’s because it is just as important to drink water in the winter.

Cold & Dry Weather - Still Need To Drink More Water

The cold and dry weather during the winter results in less absorption of water from the environment.  When you combine this with the fact that many of us drink less water in the winter some levels of dehydration can become common. Dry skin and lips, both common winter maladies, can be signs that you are not drinking enough water.  Other indicators include headaches and coughing.

During the cold winter months, we also tend to indulge in hot coffee and tea at a higher rate. They are warming and comforting.  However, they are also high in caffeine which enhances dehydration. It is more important that ever to replace this water loss.

Finally, many people report simply feeling less thirsty in the winter.  Let’s face it, a refreshing glass of ice cold water mid-summer is a treat.  In winter, it may not even be a consideration. We have to recognize that just because we don’t feel thirsty doesn’t mean our bodies don’t need to be hydrated.  It is important that we are conscious of how much we are drinking and make it a point to ensure that we get enough water into our bodies each and ever day!

Accessibility to clean, fresh, and great tasting water can make it infinitely easier to drink more water year-round.  To help provide this, a broad range of water filtration systems are available today. Depending upon your needs and your budget, you can simply install a system at your sink or even look at whole house options. While each system provides different benefits, all make it convenient to drink the water you need to stay healthy!

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