We wanted to have people know and understand that anyone can build a reverse osmosis system to have clean drinking water at home. What is being shown right now is pretty much everything you need to make a reverse osmosis system (minus a faucet). For some people, maybe you'd prefer to just fill up a gallon then turn it off but if you want a faucet, you can just add $20 to your cost of building the unit out.

Priced out completely the unit costs about $150 with a faucet. What costs a lot is the tank and faucet but you don't necessarily need them if you plan to just fill it at the sink.

The costs to replace filters a year is only $14.00 for this unit. Below are the parts I used, how many I used and the links to them.

For counter top installation, instead of using an "Angle Stop Adapter", use a faucet diverter valve - works with faucets with removable aerators.