Acidic Water - Is It a Problem for You?

We all know the importance of clean and fresh water - our bodies need it to remain healthy and our homes need it to operate effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, for many across the country and around the world, our water is not safe. Acidic water, a problem impacting many who get their water from wells, can be both destructive to their homes and dangerous to their health.

What Is Acidic Water and What Dangers Does It Pose?

In order to determine if your water is, in fact, acidic you need to measure its pH.  Water with a pH of 6.5 or lower is considered acidic and could pose issues for you.

First, it can be incredibly damaging to your home. Because of its composition, acidic water can damage your pipes and the  repairs can be costly. If you notice stains in your sinks and tubs that are bluish-green in color, your pipes may already be compromised. And, when this water flows into your appliances, even more damage can occur. You see, when acidic water is heated, it becomes even more dangerous, wreaking havoc with the appliances in your home.  Water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines are expensive, and you expect them to last a specific amount of time. Acidic water shortens their life spans.

Perhaps even more concerning are the dangers to your drinking water as a result of a phenomenon called leaching.  This occurs when acidic water travels through your metal plumbing. The water attracts the metals from the pipes transferring them to your drinking water. The water flowing from your pipes may contain high levels of dangerous substances including, but not limited to, copper, iron, and lead.

Those who drink this water can experience a host of issues including upset stomachs, nausea, and kidney stones, among others. Of all the minerals, lead is perhaps the most dangerous.  Children who ingest lead can suffer from memory problems and seizures. Adults may experience high blood pressure, miscarriage, and strokes.  And these are only a small example of the medical problems these substances can cause.

Treating Acidic Water

Clearly, if you have acidic water you should look into treatment options. The health and well-being of your family and home depend upon the actions you take.

One of the best options is a  whole-house acid neutralizer.  Depending upon the acid levels and water composition in your home, there are a host of models available on the market, in a range of prices. 

These systems improve the quality of your water, helping to make it safe for your family to use and drink. Acid neutralizers are an investment in the future and provide significant value to those who use them.

Isopure Water, a retailer of water filtration systems, is proud of its extensive inventory. The company’s knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you answer your questions regarding the best way to treat acidic water in your home. They invite you to contact them at (877) 541-6603.