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Watts-GTS450S-NAGF-PT Watts Non-Branded 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Plastic Tank

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Watts-GTS450S-NAGF-PT Watts Non-Branded 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

This four stage reverse osmosis system fits under the kitchen sink and provides great tasting water for the whole family. Filtration stages include a sediment filter for dirt, rust and other sediment contaminants, and carbon block pre-filter reduces chlorine, taste and odor. A reverse osmosis membrane, which is the heart of the RO system, filters out particles as small as 1/10,000 of a micron and a final stage polishing filter for fresh tasting water every time. This RO system comes complete with quick connect fittings for easy installation, a 3 gallon water storage tank and a non air gap reverse osmosis faucet. Recommended inlet water pressure is 40 psi with maximum water hardness of 15 GPG. 


  • Reverse osmosis non-air gap faucet
  • Quick connect fittings for easy installation and maintenance
  • 3 gallon plastic storage tank
  • 50 GPD membrane


The Best Watts Reverse Osmosis Systems 

In the quest for clean and pure drinking water, investing in a reliable reverse osmosis (RO) system is often the way to go. Two options that stand out in the market are the Watts (WQC4RO11-50MTNF) 4-Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System and the Watts (GTS550S-NAGF-PT) Non-Branded 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Plastic Tank. In this blog, we'll take an in-depth look at these two water purification systems, available at Isopure Water. By comparing their features and benefits, we aim to help you make an informed choice to ensure the quality of water in your home.

Water is a fundamental element of our lives, and its purity is vital for our well-being. Impurities such as sediments, chemicals, and microorganisms can affect the taste, odor, and safety of our water. This is where water filtration systems come into play, ensuring we have access to clean and healthy drinking water.

Watts (WQC4RO11-50MTNF) 4-Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System

Stage 1 - Sediment Pre-filter: Captures larger particles like sand, silt, and rust, protecting the subsequent filters from clogging.
Stage 2 - Carbon Pre-filter: Reduces chlorine, odors, and flavors effectively, enhancing the taste of your water.
Stage 3 - RO Membrane: Removes up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), lead, and other contaminants.
Stage 4 - Carbon Post-filter: Polishes the water, further improving taste and odor while ensuring crystal-clear water.

The revolutionary KWIK CHANGE technology makes filter replacement easy. You can easily replace filters without equipment to keep your system delivering clean water.

This system is suited for moderate-water-use households at 50 GPD. It guarantees fresh water without running out. The Watts (WQC4RO11-50MTNF) water purification system has a metal storage tank for durability. Your 3.2-gallon purified water tank is trustworthy.

For individuals who want a 5-stage RO system without the branding, this system is economical and practical. Clean, pure water is affordable with it. A polypropylene storage tank makes the system compact and space-saving. This tank holds 3.2 gallons of filtered water for easy access.