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Savant (LD-14-JG) Automatic Leak Detector and Shut-Off Valve

Product Code w/ 2x ASA-B0407CW

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Automatic water shut off and audible alarm when leak is detected

€¢ 9V alkaline battery operated

€¢ Auto shut off when battery power is low

€¢ Easy installation

€¢ Protection for reverse osmosis systems, water filters and home appliances

€¢ Unit comes with 1/2€� BSP [British standard thread] Part#


Fittings to convert from BSP to 1/4€� or 3/8€� Quick connect are sold separately:

For 1/4€� QC fittings, Use Part# PI451214FS; and PI061208S

For 3/8€� QC fittings, Use Part# PI451214FS