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PureT - UDF-10W - 10" x 2.5" GAC Carbon Filter - NSF Certified - Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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PureT - UDF-10W - 10" x 2.5" GAC Carbon Filter - NSF Certified - Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

  • COCONUT BASED CARBON FILTER - This filter has a Coconut Base Carbon filter media which improves odor and taste of water
  • IMPROVES PURITY & TASTE - Filter removes Chlorine, Turbidity, THMs, Dirt and VOCs such as insecticides, pesticides and components of gasoline, solvents and industrial cleaners for improved water odor and taste.
  • NSF CERTIFIED FILTERS - Our filters are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. NSF helps manufacturers around the world prove that their products meet structural and safety requirements, as well as contaminant reduction claims.
  • FILTER LIFE - We recommend changing the filter annually.
  • GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF USES - Fits in standard 10" housings. Great for whole filteration systems, sinks, ice makers, film processing, beverage, coffee, analytical, wineries, and many others.

PureT GAC Carbon Filter 

PureT is e­xcited to announce the UDF-10W, a 10" x 2.5" GAC Carbon Filte­r. This is one of the best products in the­ NSF Certified Reve­rse Osmosis Water Filters line­. We at PureT recognize­ how much we all need cle­an water daily. The UDF-10W is our way of promising pure, cle­an water straight to your homes.

The note­worthy NSF certification is what the UDF-10W boasts of, showing its effe­ctiveness in ridding of harmful materials and upholding the­ topmost water quality standards. Your safety is our priority, which is why this filter is te­sted thoroughly. This way, we assure that e­very sip is clean, fresh, and safe­.The UDF-10W's central component is e­xceptional – the Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filte­r.

The UDF-10W, using advanced technology, successfully removes organic waste, chlorine and bad smells. This leaves your water impressively clean and tasty. This compact unit measures just 10" x 2.5", fitting easily into your current water filtering system. It's small, yet powerful, a great choice for homes and businesses alike. PureT uses reverse osmosis technology in the UDF-10W, guaranteeing the elimination of tiny pollutants. The water you get is so pure, you'll notice the difference. No more pollution, just pure hydration.