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IPW Industries Inc. Compatible Replacement PC1000-R Bulk Water Filter Refill Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon Charcoal Replacement Media for PC1000 Whole House Drinking Water Filter w/funnel

Product Code (25 lb x 12x40 Coco) + Funnel

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  • his is a Carbon Replacement Media for PC1000-R Whole House Drinking Water Filter by IPW Industries Inc.
  • [PARTICAL SIZE] 12x40 Mesh Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon. Our 12x40 Mesh has a nice flakey look and feel to it which is large enough to not go through mesh filters.
  • [PREMIUM CARBON] IPW Industries Inc uses high grade coconut shell acid washed carbon for a more porous carbon. This allows for better adsorption and chemical treatment from chlorine reduction, improving taste and odor, and other water treatments.
  • [PERFECT WATER FILTRATION] Great for water filtration for aquariums, drinking water, whole house water filter carbon replacements.
  • [LOW CARBON DUST] Our carbon generates low carbon dust so minimal washing is required.

12x40 Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell GAC 12x40 Mesh is an activated carbon which is granular in form. Made from selected grades of coconut shell and then acid washed, it is ideal for many liquid phase applications including the removal of organics from water streams. Its superior level of hardness and low level of impurities make it cleaner than most other carbons and gives it longer life expectancy. Suitable for drinking water and food grade applications.

It is recommended to rinse the carbon from any carbon fines before use.