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Isopure Water

Hydrotech 33001068-25 GPD Membrane With Filters Set

Product Code (1) 33001068 (2) HYD-CB-5 (1) HYD-SED-5

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  • High-Quality Materials –Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membrane technology, offering a high efficiency while providing a superior quality of water for your household or business to consume and enjoy.
  • Performance and Quality – Hydrotech compatible reverse osmosis membranes provides consistent and reliable performance, are made of the highest quality Polyamide Thin-Film Composite ensures that you get the most filtration and surface area coverage.
  • Fresh Tasting Water – The Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane cleans your water by removing heavy metals, inorganics and volatile organics and other harmful chemicals that produce distasteful and smelly odors.
  • Compatibility – RO Membrane Fits Hydrotech RO systems: HT101, HT102, HT123 series.
  • Capacity – Hydrotech Compatible RO Membrane will produce 25 gallons per day of premium water.

The Hydrotech Compatible 33001068 reverse osmosis (ro) membrane is the most important component in your ro system and provides ultra-fine filtration. This membrane which is made in the usa forces pressurized water through a thin film composite media to greatly reduce the total dissolved solids and inorganic contaminants in the water.

Does your water have a poor taste or appears cloudy?

Replace the filter membrane and enjoy cleaner, healthier, and better tasting drinking water.

Compatible Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis 25 GPD Membrane With Compatible Filters Set Fits Hydrotech RO systems: HT101 Series (10105, 10106 & 10107), HT102 Series (10204, 10205, 10206 & 10207), HT123 Series (12301, 12302 & 12303), F-HT-9, F-HTF-9, 1240 Series E, M & Pro Systems. Replacement Membrane for HT and HTF Series.


  • 1 Compatible Hydrotech Model # 33001068 Membrane 25 GPD
  • 2 Compatible Hydrotech Model # 41400009 S-FS-19 Carbon Block (Pre & Post Filters)
  • 1 Compatible Hydrotech Model # 41400008 S-FS-02 Sediment PreFilter.