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Isopure Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen Generator Machine Purifier,Produces Ph 3.5-10.5 Alkaline Acid Water Water Filter System for Home

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All products supports 100-240V Voltage

About 5 or 7 Ti Pt Plates

The electrolyzer is the core component of the machine. Use titanium platinized material, Very stable. There are 5 and 7 plates to choose from. In most situations and regions, the 5 Ti Pt Plates ionizer machine is sufficient for home use, and 7 Plates ionizer machines can produce more stable alkaline water for different water quality around the world.

Product Function

With a built-in Replaceable Active Carbon Water Filter: It efficiently removes the bad taste, odors, organic matter, residual chlorine and other harmful substances in the water. Perform high efficiency and long usage life of adsorption. Advanced filtration technology purifies & ionizes over 6000 liters Advanced Electroplate Technology.
Smart English Voice, 5/7 pcs Titanium with Platinum coating plates, applied with Japan imported IONIC MEMBRANE, providing higher efficiency electrolysis and longer working time.
Additional Features: 100-240V power universal/ produce water pH 3.5 to 10.5/ +600 to -500mV ORP level/ Support the water TDS from 50 to 1000PPM/ Super large 3.8 inch colorful LCD screen display.

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- 3.8" color LCD, large digital display, human-computer dialogue, easy to use in the elderly.
- Automatic detection and display of water flow, filter life, pH value and ORP value, real-time monitoring of the status of the water machine, helping the user to choose the right water for convenient use;
- CDC touch technology, beautiful and durable, super touch function, intuitive and simple operation, just one click, elegant life more brilliant and beautiful;
- Microcomputer automatic control of electrolysis, suitable for a variety of water quality TDS = 50 ~ 1000ppm;
- The filter system is built inside, real-time display filter cartridge use status, improve water quality, and use water more safely.
- Automatic electrode cleaning function to prevent scaling;
- Japan imported stainless steel coil, never rust; can freely change the location of water, user-friendly.
- Japanese ion membrane, titanium white gold electrolytic plate, high-efficiency electrolysis, long working life;

What is the benefit of ALKALINE WATER IOZNIER

The powerful water ionizer benefits come from re-hydrating parched cells and re-balancing the bodies' pH. These amazing Antioxidant properties are only found in Ionized Alkaline Water.
HYDRATE - Increase Your Ability to Stay Hydrated
ENERGIZE - Boosts Your Energy Levels
FIGHTS FREE RADICALS - Protect Your Healthy Cells
DETOXIFY - Aid in Elimination of Toxins

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