Ultraviolet Sterilizer Systems

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UV Water Treatment Systems for Purer Water

How does UltraViolet light work on disinfecting water?

The FDA has determined that water can be purified through the application of UV (ultraviolet) light. Unlike other methods of purification (for example the use of chlorine) a UV water sterilizer is odorless, low risk, low maintenance and doesn't use any chemicals or other additives. UV water purification systems usually consist of a UV lamp surrounded by circulating water. There is usually a quartz barrier between the water and the UV source, so the water doesn't touch it directly.

UV Filtration System Prevents Microorganism Build-Up

When the water passes through the UV water filter, it's hit with UV rays. Any bacteria, germs or other tiny organisms are harmed by the UV radiation. The effect of this is that they are unable to reproduce. Although the organisms are still alive, their inability to reproduce means that they cannot achieve the concentrations necessary to cause damage. They continue to stay in the water until they are ingested and destroyed by the body's immune system, or simply die of old age.

UV Water Filtration Systems for Home Use

It's important to remember that water should already have been treated before further processing through a UV purifier – this ensures maximum protection against bacteria and other harmful organisms. The UV lights in your system normally need to be renewed annually (after about nine thousand hours of use). It's also important to check that your purifier's capacity is larger than the amount of water you use, to ensure efficient, effective purification.

Why Use Trojan UV Water Disinfection System

The Trojan UV water disinfection system is by far one of the most impressive purification systems that you could ever get to use. When you get to own it, you can rest assured that there is nothing that will stand in between you and clean water.

How much risk are you putting yourself through without a water purification system? Well water or private water sources are typically not chlorinated and are susceptible to microorganism growth. It's very common to have some form growth in these types of waters; typically, you will find coliform or e.coli as the most common ones found. UV disinfection systems offer a great alternative to chemical disinfection like chlorine. Trojan UVMAX solves this problem by offering UV water systems that give off the proper amount of illumination (measured in mJ/cm2) with enough contact time to effectively disinfect water. Trojan UVMAX offers units that meet the requirements of NSF standards which requires units to have a minimum of 40,000 mJ/cm2. The Trojan UVMAX Pro Series (STD.55 Class A) makes this a standard reaching flow rates of up to 50 GPM.

There are a number of methods through which you can get to purify your water, including but not necessarily limited to Trojan UV water disinfection system, chlorination, and even ozone disinfection. A number of these are used for public water purification, but this does not necessarily mean that if you are at home you cannot get to purify your water. As a matter of fact, you need to know that there is so much that you can do on your own.

Chemical disinfection of water combined with the Trojan UV whole house system is very important to you since you stand a greater chance of getting to use pure water. When you come to think of it, there is so much more to offer. Besides that there is so much more for you to benefit from the use of such procedures to purify your water. For those who have been using purified water, you understand that the use of chlorine in water by far kills a great deal of germs, which only goes so far in making sure that things like algae do not accumulate in your pipes, and besides that also makes sure that they do not get to infect your water. By adding a UV disinfection system for your home, you are ensuring that water is not only protected by chemical chlorination but also backed by the power of UV light.

For homes on well water, ultraviolet water treatment systems has always been the best alternative. There are so many reasons for this. In the event that you have been using chlorinated water, you probably have noticed with concern the dangers that arise out of using chlorinated water. Chlorine vapors can arise from hot water making it possible for it to be absorbed through the skin. Your body can act as a sponge and absorb these chemicals which does a great deal of damage to the body. For this reason, therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you get your hands on the Trojan UVMAX water disinfection system to eliminate the need for chlorine. UV light disinfection systems have no chemical by-products and it does not alter the water chemistry or change taste, odor, or color of water.

Purchasing a UV disinfection system has low operational costs and very low maintenance. Most of the UV bulbs operate with as much cost as a 40 watt light bulb. With Trojan UVMAX, you will have gone to a step further in making sure that the water in use in your home is not just safe for consumption, but besides that you will have made sure that the water is more or less very safe for you to use for other purposes.