TGI Pure (CT-445)

TGI Pure (TGI-315TFC) 3 Stage 18 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

The TGI-315TFC is capable of producing 18 gallons per day and typically fits in a sink cabinet. The TGI Pure's RO System is a 3 stage reverse osmosis system which contains two replacement water filter cartridges and one membrane. Below is a break down of each stage and the compatible replacement membrane and filter part numbers that can be found on our site. This particular system uses a TFC or TFM (thin film composite) membrane and is chlorine sensitive. It is highly recommended to use a carbon filter in the STAGE 1 filter housing.

STAGE 1 : 32-250-125-975

STAGE 2 : 1220188

STAGE 3 : 32-250-125-975