Omnipure E-Series Filters

The Omnipure E series filters are indicated for commercial use.

Omnipure E series filters are known as the world’s best water filters due to its ability to efficiently eliminate impurities and the excellent cost-to-performance ratio. The Omnipure Filter Company is driven by ambition and perseverance, and their goal to obtain the purest water in the simplest way resulted in small, easy-to-use devices. The clean water attained from the use of these products is tasty, uncluttered and most of all, healthy.

The story dates back to 70’s, when it was created the first small carbon filter. This brand comes in a diversity of both standard and adaptable bodies that use a granular activated carbon technique. The easiness of setting up and replacement, as well as the appropriateness to residential and commercial use due to the diversity of product series represents the trademark of this Omnipure E series filters.

The benefits of the Omnipure E series filters are numerous. The easy-to-install or change filter bodies transformed the complicated substitution into an activity that only takes a couple of seconds. The mechanisms main achievement is that it destroys water contaminants, resulting in tasteless, odorless, color-free water.

The manufacturing company’s secret is in the usage of granular activated carbon, well-known for its efficiency in reducing impurities in potable water. The granular activated carbon, used broadly with the Omnipure E series filters, has been a success due to its adsorption capacity. It decreases the waters taste and odor, eliminates all the particles that endanger the equipment by using a multiple layer depth filtration capacity, and performs as a scale inhibitor, preventing the pipes and the equipment from corrosion.

In the food service water is one of the major ingredients. Tasty, filtered water add to more delicious dishes, being an uncontaminated, germ-free option to ordinary water. In the beverage business, water cleansers protect the costly equipment, and the variety of pieces allows a fast and easy install and substitution.

Residential appliances can benefit from Omnipure E series filters as well. They can be part of the housing purification system or can be installed in under-the-sink and on-the-counter inhabited units. The installation of such device is easy and does not require major plumbing alterations. They are simple to install and come in a variety of standard and adaptable media. The low cost and high efficiency made Omnipure E series filters a worldwide leader in water purifiers.