Harmsco Hurricane Filters

Harmsco Hurricane Filter Cartridges

Harmsco is a company that was founded by John Harms in 1958. After moving from his home state of Ohio to Florida with his family, he used his experience in water filtration technologies and his unique filter design called the Up-Flow, to break into the market. When the patent for the Up-Flow Cartridge filters came out in 1968 and Harmsco began production, its many advantages became apparent. Soon customers started to take notice and sales grew as a result.

The company kept growing, and at the moment Harmsco Hurricane Filters are known throughout the world. So how do they work? First of all, dense solid materials that would be found in the water are separated before they reach cartridge filtration. This leads to an increased filter life, which means lower maintenance cost. Cartridge filtration in a normal system is the reaction that the carbon in the filter has with the minerals found in water. This reaction retains these minerals, like calcium for example, and it replaces them with sodium, turning hard water into soft water. But this process depletes the carbon ions needed for the reaction, and after a time it renders the filter useless. With the Harmsco Hurricane Filters some of these minerals are retained before reaching the carbon, making it more economical and efficient.

The Hurricane Filter has several more unique design choices that make it stand out. The first, which is discussed above, is the separation of the outer chamber and the inner chamber. Then you have a built-in drain for purging the system, if need be. The cartridges also have an angled pleated area, which leads to higher capacity and increased solid substances removal. And when the time to replace the filter does eventually come, the Hurricane Water Filter is designed in a way that allows it to be removed from the system and replaced without any hassle.

The tangential entry of the Hurricane Filter provides rotational movement and a centrifugal force for better filtration and separation of the particles. The fail safe lid comes with wing nuts that can withstand pressures of over 100 psi when they are tightened at 75 lbs. of torque. The polish on the surface of the solid, stainless steel container is especially built to withstand corrosion as a standard, but if need be, extra coating can be added to protect the surface from various chemicals that might be found in the environment the Harmsco Filter will be placed in.

If you are looking for something that can handle a large volume of water you have the Harmsco Industrial Filter, which maintains the same high-level of quality, but with added quantity. Of course, Harmsco Hurricane Filters range from those build for small, regular household use, to giant industrial monsters, and everything in between. As one of the world leaders in filter designs Harmsco can be found all over the world, from the Americas to Western and Eastern Europe. Visit their official website at www.harmsco.com for more information on their offers and pricing.