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Filmtec reverse osmosis membranes have been proven to have an exceptionally high rejection rate as well as a lower pressure for home use. For residential membranes, filmtec membranes require a 50 PSI for operation to achieve the manufacturer's quoted gallon per day production. The TW30 series refers to tap water residential ro membranes where the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water is less than 2000 parts per million (ppm). Their rejection rate is well above 95-99%.

Filmtec Dow reverse osmosis membranes have been used globally as an industry standard for reverse osmosis systems. These have been used in every industry where high quality water production is desired or required such as Marine/Aquarium, Lab Water, Semi-Conductor production, Bottled Water, Waste Water Treatment, and many other industries.

TW30 membranes are commonly used in the Marine/Aquarium usage because of the high demand for a ZERO (0) TDS. Zero TDS is very important for salt water aquariums because it allows aquarium enthusiasts to properly balance the water for salt, pH and TDS without using too much of one ingredient; zero TDS is also important because it prevents any algae growth in the water. Lab water also requires high purity water for experiments and mixing solutions; Filmtec membranes ensure a high rejection rate which is cost effective pre-treatment to mixed bed DI filters to create Lab Water Type I and II.

Residential RO Membranes for Water Purification & Treatment

Filmtec membranes have also been used with treating sea water using their SW30 series membranes. The SW30 series membranes can operate with water containing over 2000 ppm and can produce water that has a well over 95% rejection rate. Filmtec sea water membranes was initially used by the US Military to create drinking water for the US Navy while they were at sea for long periods of time. Large reverse osmosis systems built for these navy ships can produce well over 6000 gallons per day if needed.

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